Students from the Class of 2004 at Window Rock High School have written the following about the Code Talkers:

Derek Brown: The Navajo Codetalkers are important men in history. They helped defend this country and should be respected greatly. They are what makes others look up to them.

Sheena Cly: The Navajo Codetalkers really helped our great nation in their time of need. I’m proud of our Navajo Codetalkers and our language. Thank you Navajo Codetalkers!

Kristy Parkhurst: The Navajo Codetalkers are the Navajoes who saved the United States in World War II. The Navajoes are very proud and respect these heroes. We look up to them. They will never be forgotten by the Navajo People.

Julian Goatson: The Codetalkers deserve the honor and gratitude of the Navajo Nation and the United States. They showed bravery and grace under extraordinary pressure. They will be remembered forever.

Shayne Yazzie: Codetalkers are the ones that saved not only the United States, but they saved their people.

Patricia Belone: Codetalkers are most recognized because they fought for their country through their language. Their code was not broken or known during the war which is why we won.

Jalina Prows: Codetalkers give us Native Pride.

Kaleena Watson: Codetalkers were valuable soldiers. The Code was never broken.



The Class of 2005 has written:

Adam Parker: The Codetalkers went to war to defend the USA. They defended it with their language. What they did is very significant in American History.

Tiffany Tracy: I think white people should appreciate our tribe and language more than they do. Our elders saved this country from Japanese and German domination. I think I might be related to a codetalker.

Darren Yazzie: The Navajo Codetalkers used the Navajo Language as a code to win World War II. If it weren’t for the Navajo codetalkers, the Japanese would have defeated us.

Krystal Parkhurst: Navajo Codetalkers are a proud symbol of Native Americans. They helped defeat the attacking forces with their native language. Ch’e degahii is tank.

Jeremy Shirley: The Codetalkers were very brave Native Americans. It was them that brought the victory to the United States.

Sonya Lee: The Navajo Codetalkers used the Navajo Language to defeat the Japanese in WWII. They fought for our freedom so we could live the way we want to.

Jaclyn Young: The Navajo Codetalkers are well known for their secret codes by using their language. Nobody else understood or could break th messages that they were sending.

Bayan Wahid: The Navajo Codetalkers were heroes and were not recognized properly until recently. They are an important part of history and should not be forgotten. They deserve to be thanked greatly.

Michael Begay: The Navajo Codetalkers were heroes to both the United States and The Navajo Nation. They were brave and courageous. They will forever be in our hearts as heroes.

Amber Hillis: The Codetalkers make me proud to be aNative American because if it wasn’t for our language we wouldn’t have won WWII