Sam Billison

March 14, 1925 - November 17, 2004

The few, the proud

Top, Navajo Code Talker heros, from left, kneeling, Jimmy Begay, Bill Toledo, "Original 29" John Brown Jr., Frank Chee Willetto, Alfred Peaches; and, standing, from left, Willard Oliver, Sydney Bedonie, Frank Thompson, Teddy Draper Sr., Guy Clauschee, Edward Anderson, Samuel Tso, Carl Todacheenie and Joe Price, attend the Navajo Code Talker Association Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. Toledo, above, stands by a banner during the dinner which was held in commemoration of the late Dr. Samuel Billison Sr., Draper, left, stands at attention as he pledge of alleiance is recited. (Special to the Times - Donovan Quintero)

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Reproduced Courtesy of Navajo Times